Blogger Secrets: How I Take My Photos

One of the most commonly asked questions that I get is regarding how I take / edit my content and the answer is: my iPhone! ⁣

While many find it hard to believe that all of my content is captured with my iPhone- it is the truth! I’ve been using my iPhone since I started blogging four years ago. However, when I first started @everything_delish, I thought I needed a professional camera to be able to make this my full time job. So I went out and bought myself a fancy camera- only to have it sit in my closet for almost three years.

To be completely honest, I personally never enjoyed shooting on a professional camera. While I appreciated how beautiful my content was coming out, I quickly realized that it was not me and I was trying to be something that I was not. I started to dislike the content that I was producing and putting out on my social channels. ⁣

I quickly realized that I needed a change. A change where I had to be true to myself and my followers, and this meant going back to shooting on a device that I was confident and most comfortable with. I also started to realize the importance of posting content that you genuinely love and can relate to, which was for me on my iPhone. ⁣

So if you don’t have a fancy shmancy camera – don’t sweat it! The best thing you can do is play around with your device, download editing / camera apps, watch online tutorials and just start shooting! I recently discovered the wide lens on my iPhone 11 Pro Max and have been obsessed with shooting in that format ever since! ⁣Keep reading for my top 3 tips for beautiful iPhone photos below.



Lighting is key when taking photos and videos on your iPhone. I personally love to shoot outside or as close to natural light as possible (ex. window). When shooting inside during the day, I usually turn off all of my lights in my kitchen or bedroom (to avoid any ‘yellow’ tone / light). Also, when shooting outside – make sure that you are BEHIND the light when taking your photos. I find the best ‘time’ for shooting content outside is usually mid afternoon.


Ever since getting the new iPhone 11 Pro Max, I have loved shooting on the ultra wide camera (0.5). Not only is this mode great for selfies, it also allows for more of the frame to be captured in your photo. I specifically love shooting with wide lens when I have a very beautiful background to show off (think ‘food in the air’ shots). Shooting with the ultra wide camera also allows for your photos to stand out from a lot of the other photos that we see in our feeds! Play around with this camera on your iPhone and you will definitely love it!


Not only does the iPhone capture beautiful photos, but I love that I am able to enhance them via apps on my device. Some of my favourite editing apps include, Lightroom, Tezza, VSCO and SnapSeed. Personally, I love using Lightroom, as I am able to create my own presets on the app. This way my photos stay consistent when on my feed and I have a specific ‘preset’ for content I am shooting. For example, I have a specific preset used for BBQ food. Try and play around with some of your editing apps to enhance your iPhone photos!

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