About Jamie Milne

Many people post food pics and vids to Instagram, but few have carved out a spot in culinary cyberspace quite like Jamie Milne. The 24-year-old runs the Everything_Delish Instagram account, where her daily deliciously decadent food posts are consumed by her more than 113K insatiable followers. And the force is strong with this one. Just ask the Bakehouse Brasserie in South Beach who experienced its first ever product sell-out after Jamie posted a vid of one of their cookies, or the 1.6 million people reached by a video she posted of a chocolate banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery in NYC. Any way you slice it, there are a LOT of eyeballs on Jamie’s scrumptious shares.

Jamie may be based in Toronto but her edible adventures aren’t limited to “the 6ix”. Whether exploring the cobblestone streets of old Montreal, the delis of New York, the beaches of Miami or the markets of Israel, this bubbly bon vivant travels the world in search of delectable dishes, taking her famished followers along for the ride on her gastronomical globe-trotting, making Everything_Delish into a veritable moveable feast with no passport required.


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