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At Everything Delish, you will find a little bit of everything. I am a teacher-turned-recipe developer who has combined my passion and expertise in education, cooking and food to help bring delicious, simple and quick recipes to your tables.

About me in 3:

  • 01.

    I am pasta-obsessed

    One of my favorite foods is pasta, and many people on TikTok tell me that I pronounce pasta incorrectly. What do you think?!
  • 02.

    I studied Education

    My entire life I dreamt of being a teacher and before pursuing content creation full-time, I completed my undergrad degree in Education at McGill University and my Master of Education at the University of Toronto in Developmental Psychology and Education. I was teaching in primary-junior classrooms before leaving my teaching career.
  • 03.

    I launched a limited-edition vodka bottle!

    In 2022, I launched a limited-edition vodka bottle with Zirkova Vodka! It was my first-ever brand-product collaboration and I am very proud of it!


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