My Favorite Products for Traveling

Wearing all of my favorite products while traveling in Tel Aviv, Israel!

I was once told that life is a book; if you’re not travelling, you’re stuck on the first page. With that being said, I travel. A lot. Travelling requires packing, which requires (many) items to pack; especially for a product junkie like me! Keep reading for my favorite products for when traveling!

1. Stylish Bomber

Everyone needs a cool bomber (especially for those cool and breezy nights in South Beach, Miami!). My favorite bomber right now is from Bow & Drape. This rad NYC clothing company makes cheesy, irreverent customized fashion and is known for its amazing sweatshirts, bombers, and tees. I even wore it to the star-studded event, Burger Bash at the South Beach Food & Wine Festival! You can get 15% off your next order with the discount code: DELISH15

Favorite Bow & Drape Customized Bomber- Taken in South Beach, Miami

My Favorite Bomber for when traveling!

(Check out the awesome customized Everything Delish Bomber that bow & drape made me!)

 2. Trendy Backpack

Right now, I love travelling with a trendy backpack that you can wear during your days at the beach or your nights out in Miami. Particularly, I love traveling with a backpack because I can put everything I need in it for the night from makeup, chargers, deodorant, and most importantly, my camera!

Check out my favorite backpacks below!

American Eagle Nylo Mini Backpack 

Herschel Settlement Backpack 

Baggu Canvas Backpacks ONLY $42

3. DxO One Camera

The DxO One Camera is the size of your palm! Perfect for traveling!

When traveling, my mom always tells me to ‘pack lightly’ (yes, I still listen to my mom) and now I can with the most amazing portable and professional camera from DxO one! Not only does this camera fit in the palm of your hand, but also allows you to take professional photos with out the $10,000 Canon DSLR camera! My DxO one camera is my new favorite gadget (especially for being a food photographer)! Check out the awesome photos I took on my DxO One camera below.

DxO One Food Photography Shots

Taken with the DxO One Camera- Perfect for Food Photography Shots

DxO One Travel Shots

Taken with the DxO One Camera from my travels in Tel Aviv, Israel

4. Hydration Eye Pads

Hydration is key, especially when traveling! This is why I love traveling with under eye recovery patches that you can wear on the plane or when you have some down time. Particularly if you are going to be sitting in the sun- these hydrating eye masks are great to help you fight any dark circles or under eye puffiness! I recently just found the BEST under eye patches that take away my dark circles after my atrocious hangovers and make me feel GREAT! You can buy the Skyn Iceland Firming Eye Gels here!

The Best Hydrating Eye Gel Pads

5. SnapChat Spectacles

SnapChat Spectacles in the Charging Case- So cool!

While we may be soon mourning the loss of Snapchat (just kidding!), the trendy SnapChat Spectacles are great for capturing every moment when traveling! I recently just took my SnapChat Spectacles on a joy ride while traveling through Tel Aviv, Israel- and let me tell you…these babies captured everything! From the scenic views of walking across the Promenade on the beach to the crowded food markets in the Shuk, these spectacles truly capture it all! And the best part is, you can save the videos to your SnapChat stories and share them with your friends!

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Feel free to comment your must haves when traveling and I’ll be sure to check them out!


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