The Delish Diaries: Why Self Care is Essential

Welcome to my first post of my new series, The Delish Diaries! These series of posts will be taking the delish out of food, and applying it to EVERYTHING else! (Hey, see what I did there?) I’m here to help you come to terms with the fact that delish does not just have to be a word used in relation to food. The Delish Diaries will be a combination of posts through Instagram, YouTube, and Blogs regarding certain topics that are trending like, how to start your own blog / Instagram page or certain fads / products that are taking over our social feeds, or really anything I feel like blabbing on about (haha).

First things first, I believe that it is extremely important for people to understand that self care is not always about the green smoothies that we drink, it is about caring about yourself as a whole being. In a world where we are constantly worried about being too busy or our appearance to others, we often forget to take time to CARE about our wellbeing and ourselves.

Unfortunately, at times social media can be a more stressful tool than it is not, and this is coming from someone who lives and breathes the digital world. Yes, if you didn’t already know, Everything Delish has become my full time job. Whether we like to believe it or not we spend a whole lot of time communicating with our thumbs these days and the sheer amount of information we come across is vast. This makes it hard for us to disconnect ourselves from the social media world at times, and this is where self care becomes a critical tool in our lives.

Since putting myself out there on Everything Delish, I have had a tremendous amount of requests for more posts about the products that I am using and my everyday routine, which is all apart of my own self-care rituals that I practice every day. Self-care isn’t selfish or shallow; it is essential to a healthy lifestyle. With that in mind, here are a few of my own Self-Care tips and tricks that you can do on your own to put yourself first.


It is important that you treat yourself and do things that make YOU happy! For me, treating myself is splurging by eating a cheeseburger & onion rings or spending a few extra minutes to invest in my skin care routine on a super busy morning. For me, I love sitting in bed and relaxing with a face mask on while enjoying my morning coffee or detox drink (hot water, lemon, 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar) and not worrying about the upcoming events of the day.


While we are all super busy, some good quality ME time is super important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Everyone spends their personal time differently, whether it is watching Netflix alone (guilty, yes) or meditating in the mornings. For me, it is enjoying time to workout / do yoga, since it really allows me to help clear my head space. Try and carve out 15 minutes for yourself in the morning and before bed to practice your own self-care routine that makes YOU happy.


This is something that I find myself struggling with at times as I am always looking 10 steps forward, but it is important to just STOP and be present with everything that is going on around you. Although I am extremely busy at times, sometimes it’s extremely helpful to take a second to pay attention to yourself and everything great you have going on including your job, friends, work, family, etc.


Every milestone should be celebrated, whether big or small. Be kind to yourself and show yourself some loving! If there is something that you are super excited about that is going on in your life, reward yourself- you deserve it! I have been wanting to sit down and write this article for a LONG TIME, and I am finally doing it and very proud of myself! Tonight, I am rewarding myself with an early bedtime!


Social media has the tendency to get in our head at times and become our own worst enemy. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed with your social media accounts, give yourself a break and DISCONNECT. Life is short and you don’t want to miss the important things that are passing you by. In the end, it doesn’t matter about the amount of likes / views that you get, really all that matters is that YOU are happy.


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